Rose Gold Eye Makeup look


For this eye makeup look I started off by using the Morphe 35N palette as it has some really nice transition shades. I used the three brown shades shown, starting with the lightest brown and finishing with the darkest brown.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


– I then applied a little concealer over the lid to prep my eyes for the shimmery shade. The concealer I used was the Collection Lasting Perfection as it is very full coverage so the pigments from the shimmery shade will pick up more.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  • I preped my brush with my Mac Fix Plus spray and used the shade ‘Chopper’ from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This is a lovely rose gold colour that works perfectly for a daytime or night time look.nk 2
  • For my winged eyeliner I used my favourite Kat Von D tattoo liner and I also cheated by using tape for extra precision.


  • I highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with the Urban Decay ‘Bootycall’ shimmery eyeshadow.

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  • After I’ve completed my base makeup such as foundation and concealer, I use the same transition shades from earlier along my lower lash line and some of the rose gold shade nearer my inner corner.
  • Finally, I apply some mascara and used my Eylure eyelashes in ‘Rose’.

-Amy xox

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Warm Cut Crease Using Morphe 35O Palette

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Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

-To start this look I primed my eyes using my Too Faced Born This Way concealer in ‘fair’.

-I then set my eyes with the lightest white shade in the palette. I do this because using a very white shade will make the rest of the colours true to how they look in the palette.


-For my crease I started with a light brown shade and blended it with a slightly darker colour to build it up. I only used two shades for my crease because I wanted it quite simple and the main focus to be on the glittery cut crease.

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

-I carved out my lid by using the same concealer I primed my eyes with and set it with the same white shade used previously.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

-For my shimmer I started by spritzing my brush with Mac Fix Plus setting spray to pick up more pigmentation. I then used my Mac pigment in Naked as a base for my Barry M dazzle Dust in ‘Iridescent’.

-Lastly, I went in with a fluffy blending brush to lightly blend in the glitter and the crease eyeshadow.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

-Amy xox

Please leave any suggestions on what looks I should do! Another cut crease, smokey eye or eyebrow tutorial?

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Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes


My top five favourite eyeshadow palettes

Number One: The MORPHE 35o
-This palette is the perfect warm toned palette with all the best autumn colours avaliable. There’s a great selection of browns and oranges and mattes and shimmery shades which you can use for daytime and nighttime looks.

Number Two: The Balm Nude Dude Volume Two
-This palette has a perfect matte brown, great transition shades, a shimmery champagne shade and some purple shades. Its also great for daytime and night and perfect for creating a whole look with one palette as it has shimmery and matte shades.

Number Three: The MORPHE 12P
-This is a super bright, very pigmented palette. It is perfect for doing more dramatic or colourful looks as it has all the bright colours you need. It also blends out so well and the colours mix really well together. I would definetly recommend this palette if you enjoy doing more fun looks.

Number Four: The MORPHE 35P
-This is a purplely palette with some matte browns, shimmery purples and matte nudes/ transition shades. Its perfect for my evening looks because the shades make quite dark and dramatic smokey eyes. It is also great for creating a whole look because there are the perfect shades to building up a well blended smokey eye.

Number Five: The Urban Decay Moondust
-The best all shimmery palette! It is amazing for night time looks as they make your eyes sooo shimmery! There is the best range of colours that you can use for any look. It is also great for completing looks as it is great for an all over the lid colour.

Thanks for reading, Amy xox

Pretty Pink Smokey Eye

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This look is super cute and works well on all eye colours. For this look I used the MORPHE 35N palette which is a completely matte palette! I did add shimmer from my highligter just to make it more glowy.


  1. To start with I used a variety of matte browns in the crease to build up a good base. I blended three different browns and kept adding more at a time to build up to the intensity that I wanted.
  2. Next I used a light pink shade and put this in the inner V of the lid and also slightly through the crease.
  3. I then added another pink shade which was a bit darker and did the exact same blending it with the lighter one to gradually increase the darkness.
  5. I repeated this with another pink I used but put this shade all over my lid too. I used a mixture of the browns again just to define the crease further and make sure everything was blended well together.
  6. Lastly I made sure to mix the pink shades together and blend them on the lower lash line to even everything out. I also applied mascara and put some Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter on my brow bone and inner corner.

Thanks for reading, Amy 🙂

Gold and Purple Cut Crease

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This is a simple and easy look created using the MORPHE 35P palette and the MORPHE 35O.


These palettes are both great at creating daytime looks and nightime looks making them very versatile. They are also very affordable at only £21 a palette.

  1. For this look I started by priming my eye lids with the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and set it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills banana powder.
  2. Next I used this matte brown eyeshadow from the 35P as a crease shade. I just blended it into my crease until I got the intensity that I wanted.
  3. I then went in with a more matte purple shade and just blended this in with the brown making sure they looked seamlessly blended together.
  4. I took this shimmery shade from the 35O and dampend my brush with my Mac Fix Plus to pick up more pigmentation. I packed this on instead of blending and used it all over my lid.
  5. I used a clean blending brush and blended the edges of the crease and lid to make it less harsh but still looking like a cut crease.
  6. For eyeliner I used my Loreal eyeliner and did a very small wing just to give more definition before applying my mascara.
  7. My inner corner highlight was the Mac Soft and Gentle and I also applied it to my brow bone.

Thanks for reading, AMY 🙂

Autumn/ Fall Inspired Smokey Eye

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For this smokey eye I used dark, autumnal shades such as warm browns and oranges. This is a very warm toned smokey eye, making it perfect for this season.

To create this look I used the MORPHE 35O palette as this is very appropriate for this time of year. It contains all the warm shades you need and it’s only £21.00 which is so affordable.

  1. To start off this look I primed my eyelids with concealer. I then used powder to set this all in place. I also out tape on the edges of my eyes to create a sharp look.
  2. I used a mixture of matte browns to start with just to define my crease and act as transition shades.
  3. Then I started going in with orange shades to really warm up the crease before going in with darker shades.
  4. I used the darker shades shown below in the inner V to create the smokey eye and making sure to keep blending everything together so there are no harsh lines.
  5. Now for the shimmery shade on the lid I used the Moondust palette by Urban Decay as an all over the lid shimmer in ‘Granite’.
  6. To finish off I used a Mac pigment in ‘Naked’ as the inner corner highlight.

Pink and Silver Cut Crease

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For this cut crease look I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and the Barry M Natural 2 palette.

  1. To start off I used the shade ‘Tease’ from the Naked palette and just blended it into my crease. I did this messily because I cleaned up later on with a wipe and some concealer.
  2. I then used the shade ‘Half Baked’ and lightly blended it with ‘Chopper’ to create a pink base straight through my crease but also went just above it.
  3. ‘YDK’ was the next shade I used and I blended it in, raising it above my crease.
  4. Next, to cut the crease, I used a wipe to take away any excess colour on the eye lid and then used some concealer and a small concealer brush to really define the edge of my crease.
  5. I then used some of my Mac Fix Plus and sprayed it straight to my brush to pick up the most pigmentation possible.
  6. I used the 4th from the right shade from the Barry M palette (the middle silvery shimmer shade) all over my lid and bringing it out to create a slight wing. 
  7. I then went back to the Naked palette and used the shade ‘Bootycall’ as an inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Purple Smokey Eye

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This eye look was created by using the MORPHE 35P palette only! I used a mixture of the matte brown shades first to create a good base for the purple and then I went in by adding matte shades of dark purple.

  1. I went in with these neutral brown shades from the MORPHE palette and blended them together to create a good transition base
  2. I used darker matte brown shades in the outer V of the eye lid to make it more smokey and darker. This really helps to ensure that the purple shades will blend nicely together instead of going patchy.
  3. I started by using a matte medium purple shade and blended this into the brown to make it smokey.
  4. Then I used a slightly daker purple and blended it and then the same with an even darker purple.
  5. I finished it off with a shimmery purple shade from the same palette to make this simple smokey eye.
  6. I used a makeup wipe to slightly clean up the edges and make the whole look neater.

Crazy Makeup: Glitter Brows and Lips

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For this look I used the NYX loose face and body glitter in the shades: copper, teal and violet.  
For the eyes I used the NYX vivid brights eyeliner in the shade petal and the glitter eyeliner in the shade gunmetal. 
I just did my normal base makeup of foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and blush. 

1. First I winged out some eyeliner using the bright eyeliner and then I used the glitter eyeliner to trace the edges and make the look more sparkly. 

2. I then took my NYX glitter primer and placed a decent amount on my eyebrows. I then took a small brush and used the teal glitter to fill in my brows. 

3. I used the glitter primer again on my cheekbones and used the shade copper to create a strong highlight effect. 

4. For the lips I used the violet colour after priming them and then added some loose white NYX pigment to give more of a glow!

Amy 🙂

Pink and Purple Space Halloween Makeup

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To start off this look I just did my base of foundation, concealer and powder and filled in my eyebrows as usual. 

For the eyeshadows I used the MORPHE Picasso eyeshadow palette which is amazing! The colours are so pigmented and the palette is so affordable. 

1. I started with the white shade and just brushed the colour all over my lid. 

2. I then added the pink shade lightly in the crease, making sure to build up the colour.

3. I used the purple shade to darken up the crease and blend the colours together. (I did go quite far out and I wasn’t neat at all)

4. Next I just used the pink shadow on a larger fluffy brush and brushed the colour all around the edges of my face. 

5. I added purple and mixed the colours together to create more gradient effects. 

6. I used a clear lipgloss on my lips and then took a small lip brush and used the pink, purple and red eyeshadows on the lips. 

7. I used the Barry M dazzle dust in the White colour to highlight my inner corner and brow bone and finally finished off by using a white eyeliner pencil to create star-like strokes on my face. 

Amy 🙂